Arthropods Dissection Lab Pre-Ap Biology



Crayfishs are a species known as Bartonii. They belong to the kingdom of Animalia and phylum of Arthopods. These are freshwater crayfish that resembles small version of lobster and are also known to be called as crawfish.


Grasshoppers are a species know as differntialis. They come from the kingdom of Animalia and phylum or Arthopods and subphylum of Hexapods. About 2 dozens of the grasshoppers are known as pest species capable of producing economic damage.


We will be looking at two species that may be phylum traits, and differences that can be class traits.

Integumentary System

The integumentary system of the arthopods helps the prevention of water loss because of wax layer and cuticular composition. Smaller the organism the greater the amount

of surface area per unit volume-greater tendency to lose water. It also contains a preventative barrier against things like parasites and predators. It also helps them camoflauge and mimic other insects and species.


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