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October 2019

Peshtigo Elementary Learning Center

341 North Emery Ave, Peshtigo, WI 54157

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October 3rd - Picture Day

October 24th - Parent/Teacher Conferences - 3:30-6:30

October 29th - Parent/Teacher Conferences - 3:30-6:30

November 1st - NO SCHOOL _____________

_______________Parent/Teacher Conferences - 12:30-3:30


I love fall. My husband and I both work in the Peshtigo School District and between us, we have seven (yes, 7) children. Over the years, we have spent thousands of hours in schools and we have grown to appreciate the routine that an academic year provides to an otherwise pretty chaotic schedule. Our three teenagers (3 kids are grown and out of school) are involved in lots of after school activities, and our 4th grader plays football on weekends. We also added a puppy to the family this year, so we understand the definition of the word busy.

But somehow, in the fall, when the school year begins again, we see everyone settle into a routine that seems to bring a certain calm to life that everyone appreciates. Days become a bit more predictable and honestly, I feel more supported as a parent when I know that teachers become a part of our family dynamic in the hard work of raising children. If you think about it, your children's teachers spend more time with your children than some of you can during the school year! It's a bit overwhelming to think about, but here at PELC, it's a job we all take very seriously.

Our staff is exceptional. I hope you see it when you visit school and witness the interactions between students and staff. I hope you hear about it when you discuss school with your students. I hope you feel it when you walk into the office and are welcomed with a smile. Our goal will always be to offer families in Peshtigo everything we can to raise kind, creative, thinking children who positively impact our future.

Happy Fall!


Hello all!

Here is a PBIS update:

We started the school year in September with an assembly to help remind students to make choices that show respect, are responsible and safe. Our motto is to Be Your Best Bulldog and Show Your Peshtigo Pride! Students who are doing this, are recognized with Bulldog Bucks. Students are able to spend them in their classrooms or in the Bulldog Store. We will also be celebrating our positive behavior at the end of each trimester.

In September, our focus was on showing respect. Our new school-wide focus in October, will be on appropriate bathroom behavior.

Thank you for all your support in helping our students to be their Best Bulldogs!

  • Dana Osowski, Associate Principal

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October 28th - November 1st

8 am - 3 pm

And during conferences the evening of Tuesday, October 29th!


If you still need new window clings for your car with your family's car rider number on it, please contact Jamie in the main office at (715) 582-3762, ext. 3030. We provided each family with two complimentary clings. Additional stickers are $1.00 each.


As we start the school year, I have a few reminders!

1. Inhalers/Epi Pens: Whether your child keeps his/her inhaler/epi pen in the Nurse’s Office or Self Carries, a medication consent form must be submitted to the nurse. These consent forms can be found on the school web page. Click on “Nurse” tab and then on “medication forms.”

2. Immunizations/Waivers: All students must have updated vaccination dates or a vaccination declination form on file. If your child gets a new immunization please submit this information to the PELC office.

3. Seal-a-Smile: Please return seal-a-smile forms to school as soon as possible if you have not already done so.

4. Flu Vaccine Clinic: In October, the Marinette County Health Department will be coming to PELC for our flu vaccine clinic. Consents have been sent home. Please return them as soon as possible.

Lastly, sometimes questions arise as to when a student should come to school and when they should stay home related to illness. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when making these decisions!

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A HUGE thank you to the Girl Scouts, Karen and Kayla Murphy, Kelly Nemec, and our maintenance crew for helping us add State Tag to our playground! This took many hours to paint and through a very generous donation of time and supplies, students at PELC can now have even more fun on the playground.
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Dear Parents,

“I’m being bullied!” When your child comes home and says these words, it can make your stomach drop, your heart hurt, and your jaw clench. It can also make it hard to stop, think and ask questions, but this is exactly what you should. The truth is that children often use the word “bully” when someone is being rude or mean. Bullying is a very real and serious problem in schools, and it can lead to a lot of negative outcomes for all involved. That is why it is important to separate “meanness” from “bullying,” and to teach our children how to assertively and respectfully stand up for themselves when someone is being mean.

So what is the difference between meanness and bullying? If we look at the two side-by-side, we can understand what bullying is and what it’s not.

Rude/mean behavior

· Is done to be funny or to get someone to change what they are doing

· Happens once or twice

· Will stop when person handles the problem appropriately

· There is no power difference


· Is done to be hurtful, make others feel embarrassed or weak, or to get revenge

· Happens repeatedly

· Does not stop when person handles the problem appropriately

· The bully is bigger, stronger, or more popular

This year at Peshtigo Elementary, students are being taught to use Stop/Walk/Talk to handle problem behavior appropriately. If a student is bothered by what someone is saying or doing, the student should calmly tell the person to stop. If the behavior doesn’t stop, the student should calmly walk away and ignore the behavior. If the person being mean follows the

student, the student should find the nearest adult and calmly talk to them about the problem.

If your child comes to you about being bullied, here are some things to try:

· Ask your child questions – try to get a clear picture of what led up to the problem, what exactly the other person did, and how your child handled the situation. Ask your child if this has happened before and how those problems were handled.

· Determine your next step – If it sounds like the problem is not bullying, help your child practice the steps she can take to solve the problem. If it sounds like it could be bullying, encourage your child to talk to her teacher. If the problem seems to be continuing, reach out to her teacher and let him or her know what your child is sharing with you. Find out what the teacher knows about the problem, and work with the teacher to determine how to proceed.

Bullying is not something to be taken lightly, and staff at Peshtigo Elementary understand this and work hard to handle bullying when it happens. If you have concerns, please reach out to your child’s teacher first. I am happy to talk with you if additional help is needed.


Katie Seidler, School Counselor

(715) 582-3762 ext. 3100


When: October 24th

Time: After school until 5:30

Where: Cafeteria

Thank you for taking the time to raise or donate money to Peshtigo Elementary. This year we funded stand up desks for the 4th-6th grade wing, a Cricut for the teaching staff, a classroom rug, and outdoor playground balls. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!


Next Meeting

October 9th at 6:30 in the cafeteria

Childcare provided

Save the Date

Jingle Mingle Ornament Exchange December 5th

Come join us for an adult evening at Forgotten Fire Winery!


Math Informational meeting in October

We will be introducing methods to understand long multiplication and division in fourth grade. These methods are a stepping stone for a deep understanding of the algorithm that most of us use today. Would you like to have an overview of what your child will be learning? No RSVP is necessary.

Wednesday, October 16th

Mrs. VanVooren’s classroom 53



Enjoy the weather and nature this fall.

Students at PELC will be enjoying the changing of the season through various activities in their physical education classes. Fifth and Sixth grade classes will get the opportunity to kayak and canoe in the Peshtigo River. Employees from the Land and Water Conservation

District will be bringing canoes and offering there assistance during the lessons that will take place the beginning of October. Other parents and volunteers are also welcome to come and assist with the unit, please contact the Physical Education Department if you would like to do so. The fifth and sixth grade students will also be participating in a bicycle unit. During this unit the students will learn bicycle safety, how important it is to always wear a helmet and also the general rules of the road. Once the students pass safety checks they will bike around Badger Park and get a chance to ride the trails with the mountain bikes.

FIVE year Kindergarten through 4th grade will get to experience the wonderful resource that Badger Park offers to PELC. Students in Kindergarten through 2nd grade will put their strength and balance to the test as they explore different obstacle courses at Badger Board walk. In addition, they will learn about nature and changes of the seasons during hikes through the park. They will also experience the joy of working together as a team as they build huge leaf piles. Third and Fourth grades will learn the rule of play games of “ Egyptian dodgeball” otherwise known in our area as Gaga ball at the Gaga ball pit in Badger Park. They will also get to play Disc golf.

As you can see, nature and our grounds offer many opportunities to get out and get active this fall. So try to take the time to get active with your children this fall. They will enjoy it and you might just find yourself enjoying it also.

Mr. Hurley and Mrs. Herbst

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Dear Parents,

This year we have a wonderful opportunity for children in fifth and sixth grade. We are going canoeing and kayaking during physical education class! We will be working with the Land and Water Conservation Department personnel who will help guide the children in learning how to canoe and kayak. If you are interested in helping during this unit please call Mr. Hurley or Mrs. Herbst at the number below. We’d love to have you join us.

Please remind your child to bring an extra pair of socks, pants, and a top just in case they get a little wet. It would be helpful if they had rubber boots or water shoes also. Dress appropriately for the weather as colder temperatures could creep up on us (hats, jackets, gloves, etc.)

Mr. Hurley and Mrs. Herbst

715-582-3762 ext. 3420