Vote For The Columbian Exchange

By:C'Nasia Day

What is the Columbian Exchange ?

The Columbian Exchange are exchanges that are from old worlds and new worlds . The Columbian exchange is very important that why you should vote for it, because if there wasn't an Columbian Exchange we wouldn't have the things we have now.

-Examples: Chickens , Cattle , horses , sugar , and more.

The 3 Possitive effects on the Columbian Exchange :)

-They bring us to our needs / example: foods that the old world brought to the new world.

-It made traveling and carrying easier , because they brought horses to the Americas

-The Columbian Exchange went worldwide , which means it is so important that if we did't have the things from the old world we could DIE!

The 3 negative effects on the Columbian Exchange:(

-They brought diseases

-Their homes

-There health

Why you should Vote For the Columbian Exchange not Against it !!!!!

You should vote for the Columbian exchange , because we wouldn't have these things if they hadn't started it even though they brought diseases to the Americas . If we wouldn't had the Columbian exchange we wouldn't have corn , horses , chicken, and most of all CHOCOLATE/COCOA , come on you know you would not live without the tasty chocolate in you life no one will....but that's not the point the point is that you should vote for the Columbian Exchange , because you could be dead right now if the Columbian Exchange didn't exist .



-They give us our needs

-Easier ways to travel

-introduced farm animals