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Chirldren's Choosings

Children can be very picky, but that's ok because I am here to help. I am a children's critic. And I want to help you find the happiest place for your family to have Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner. There are lots of places that are family friendly, but the food is terribly. And there are other places that arrant family friendly, but the food is amazing. I am just here to help you and your family find the best places for you to eat at that are just right for you. : )


McDonalds is a great place to sit down and have a good time with your family. They have great atmospheres and great food. Especially on the go. When you are on the go McDonalds is a great place to stop and grad a quick bite. The service it great, but every once and a while they forget your drink, or fries but that's ok. No restaurant is perfect

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