Savannah Grace Brown

1st Entry

Savannahs father is Cody Brown, and we met on a senior trip with my friends and his football friends to Hawaii. I first found out that I was pregnant a year after Cody and I had graduated from Texas State. We were both very excited, and ecstatic when we found out we were having a baby girl. I had a pretty smooth pregnancy except for the fact that during the end of the first and most of the second trimester certain smells would make me extremely nauseous. I went into labor at 3:42 am on September 19, 2015. I was in labor for four hours and thirty minutes. Savannah Grace was born at 8:13 am. Holding your child for the first time is an incredible experience. After carrying her for nine months I was more than ready to finally have her in my arms. The first time Cody held her was the first time she opened her eyes. Having a child is something so amazing I can't put it into words and I would go through all the pain and trouble a few years.

Our first Day together

I was super excited to bring home my baby girl and so was Cody. Savannah slept for most of the day and only woke up when she was hungry, it was a calm afternoon. However that all changed around 9 pm she woke up and started crying; even after I tried feeding her she still cried. Finally she went to sleep at 10:40 and just when I thought I was getting sleep she woke up and started crying at 2 am and stayed awake until almost 3:30. After I got her to go to sleep for the second time she actually slept until 7 then Cody got up to take care of her that time. I love my daughter but I didn't realize how much care babies required.

Savannah is sick

I was changing savannah's diaper when I realized she had a patchy red rash on her legs. I put some baby lotion on her to see if it would calm it down but after two days had passed and the rash was still there I decided to make an appointment with her doctor. Upon examination her doctor diagnosed her with eczema. He believed that it was being caused by an external substance. I casually took out some aspects of her daily routine and finally figured out it was her lotion that was causing the reaction. I switched baby lotions and now her eczema is gone and she is happy again.

The issues of co-sleeping

I was watching tv with Cody one night while savannah was sleeping and a segment came on the news about how a child was killed while sleeping in bed with the parents because one of the parents rolled on top of the baby and suffocated it. Turns out co sleeping is a lot more common than I thought. I believe co sleeping is very dangerous and Cody and I never sleep with savannah. Some of the problems I found out include possible suffocation, less sleep for the parents, less sleep for the baby, and possible problems even later on in life. I would be devastated and so would Cody if anything happened to our child all I want is for her to be safe.

Final Entry

This past week has been a eye opening experience. I never thought a fake baby would be so much work I can only imagine how much attention a real baby needs. I was tired just from carrying a 5 pound sack of flour and that's not even how much most babies weigh when they are born. My boyfriend (Cody) would get tired of holding it after a while if I made him watch savannah. The thing I liked most about this project was that it actually showed me what it's like to carry around a child and even though it didn't cry, or eat, or whatever it was still a challenge. The hardest part of this project would be making sure nothing happened to her, I can only imagine what it's like for a baby that moves and is real for there parents to always know that they are okay. This project showed me that I'm sure I want a kid but I will definitely wait.