Who I am

My life as a student, stay at home mom, and wife

My Family

I am a stay at home mom, married to a veteran who is now a truck driver. My kids are 3.5 and 2. We live in the great state of Georgia and have a small farm. We have 4 dogs, 6 horses, a dozen goats and a few cows. We are looking into growing our farm more and planting our spring garden very soon.

Why I chose Applied Behavioral Science

Helping people has always been a goal in my life. I have wanted to become a counselor for those in foster systems or a social worker and be able to help families in their times of need. This degree will allow me to do that and more.

Goals in our life

Continuing Education after ABS

One thing my husband and I are both very interested in is therapeutic horseback riding for disabled veterans and children. One goal of mine is to be able to continue in my education to achieve this goal, which includes Psychology and Equine Science courses. My husband is a wounded warrior and one thing we can always count on to help him relax is a good trail ride. All members of our family ride our horses and I hope to be able to help others with our passion and love of horses.