Northeast is the beast

the location of the states

New Hampshire,Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, Maine, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode island, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland

Facts about the Northeast region

Connecticut: Borders the state of New York,Massachusetts, and Rhode Island,.

Delaware:It is a small northeastern coastal state bordered by Pennsylvania, Maryland New Jersey and the Atlantic Ocean to the east.

Massachusetts:Is a very small state but it is very huge in HISTORY!!!!

New Jersey: It borders the Atlantic Ocean known as the New Jersey shore. the three neighboring states are Delaware,New York and Pennsylvania.

New York:Borders six borders as well as Canada. It is a state famous for natural wonders like Niagara Falls.

Pennsylvania: It makes up for its rich history and interesting culture.

where the states name is located

The northeast United States is a geographical region to the United States and its bounded to the north by the country of Canada. To the east by the Atlantic Ocean to the south by