Universal Truths

By: Haley and Summer


Is there no gravity in space?

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Is there gravity in space?

Yes, there is gravity in space, there is actually a small amount of gravity can be found in all of space. Gravity holds all the planets and moons in orbit.
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Is the sun a ball of flame?

Is the sun a ball of flame that will eventually explode like all other stars? No the sun will not explode it will actually become a red giant following that would be planetary nebula --> white dwarf --> black dwarf
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Is there a "Dark Side" to the moon?

There is indeed a dark side to the moon but it does occasionally face the Earth.

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Does the distance from the sun determine the season on the Earth?

Does the distance from the Sun determine the season on earth? No the cause of the season is due to the tilt of the earth. If the North Pole and the South Pole of the earth are connected wit ha line. When the Earth is tilted away from the sun we experience winter.
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What would happen if an astronaut took his helmet in space? Would his head explode like in movies?

No their head would not explode like in movies what would actually happen, would be the person suffocating... before anything worse would be able to take place.