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June 17, 2022

From the Principal

Hi Bennet Academy Families!

It is hard to believe that our school year is coming to a close. As you all know, this has been a school year like no other. Your flexibility through all the pandemic-driven obstacles is very much appreciated! Thank you all for your support and partnership!

I also want to congratulate students for their hard work this year as well! Despite everything, students were able to persevere and have a positive 21-22 school year.

For our grade 6 families, we wish you all the best in middle school! You will always be a part of the Bennet Academy family. To our grade 5 families, we look forward to another successful year as your children transition to grade 6.

Thank you all again for everything this school year!

With appreciation!

Joe Chella, Principal

What's the schedule next week?

Just a reminder - Monday is JUNETEENTH so we have no school! Known to some as the country's “second Independence Day,” Juneteenth celebrates the freedom of enslaved people in the United States at the end of the Civil War. It is now a recognized holiday in Manchester!


Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, June 21-23 are all emergency dismissal days, with dismissal at 11:45 am. THURSDAY IS OUR LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!


Please encourage your students to bring a bag and clean out their lockers as all lockers will be emptied and disposed of July 1st. Have a happy summer and remember, keep encouraging your child to read!! Some parents have found luck encouraging good habits by having children "earn" time on the screens/TV by reading and/or playing read 30 minutes, play outside 2 hours and do your chores, THEN you may have 1 hour of screen time.

Attendance Line - 860-647-3583

Please remember to call the Attendance Line @ 860.647.3583 if your child will be absent. Please leave your child's name, ID #, and a detailed reason for the absence (ie fever, cough, etc.). If your child's absence is COVID related please call the nurse @ 860.647.3583.

Please take note, even if your child is in quarantine, it is important to call them in absent if they are to ill to complete assignments or participate in remote learning (if they qualify).


Mrs. Bertuglia and Mr. Pinatti - Grade 6

What was your favorite memory from 6th Grade?

Fancee P.- “Ava L because she’s my best friend.”

Kasim- My favorite memory was when it was Friday.

Stephen K.- “Meeting my friends, Maci, Kasim, Liam and David. And the concert when I played drum set.”

Leona L. - The weddings, the spring concert , hanging out in Mr Pinatti's class in the morning, going outside

Cayleigh E.- “My favorite memory was the spring concert.”

Arianna .-¨Meeting Mrs. Bertuglia, having fun with Mrs. Skoog and Mr. Duvas class, having field trips, kids to college and having the concert.¨

Kelly - “ My Favorite memory was when we went to the high school to prepare for the concert.”

Maniyah- My Favorite memory was when we pranked Mrs. Bertuglia. It failed, but it was still funny :)

Chioma - Meeting all my friends and Bennet Singers, orchestra, and Project O

Jayden L. - “My favorite memory was when we went on the field trip “I loved the field trip

Jayce H. - When we went to Charter Oak Park.

K’mahree A.- April fools day when we were pranking Miss Boccia.

Karizma D- “My favorite memory was meeting everyone in the class including Mr Pinnati and Mrs Bertuglia and the spring concert and enjoying school’’

Zienna- the field trip on the bus

Hezekiah- seeing my friends that I haven't seen in 2 years

Phoenix- becoming friends with Lily r. and Aby and Lissette and being able to see Elliot again.

Lissitte- the field trip and kickball.

Maya- kick ball and all of the party.

Maxine- too many i don't have one.

Azariah - When we came back from our field trip, we all did kick ball in the courtyard, our celebration’s partys, The WHOLE YEAR & SO MUCH MOREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

Anizha- My fav memory of this school year is when me and Ari called Mr. Pinatti senri hector from coco lol, and when I first met Trey because he’s funny and meeting my bestie ✨Alexis✨

Alexa: Gio’s hair cut and when i took all the food.

Aby: the day that they came back from the field trip.

Ms. DeAngelis, Mr. Menefee, Ms. O'Hara & Ms. Longanecker - Grade 6

Favorite Memories-

Nicole- when you (Ms. Longanecker) came into our classroom to be our teacher. It was a really good thing to know that you were going to be a really good teacher and that we had a teacher.

Clarisse- The salmon field trip, where we went on a walk and looked at what we found in nature, learning about the water for the salmon, and when we were able to play around in the field.

Arianna G- Seeing my friends and growing with my classmates.

Elsa- Hanging out at recess and lunch. When it was gym , Lucy and I were singing the song "we don't talk about Bruno" and going outside after math.

Rowan- Joking with your friends and laughing.

Matthew- Making a bond with our class. We had a lot of jokes but we are also smart.

Ms. De Angelis- I loved doing glow day in math.

Advice for Incoming Sixth Graders-

Arianna G- Some of the work is hard but try your very best.

Jadiel- Always bring 2 or 3 pencils because they magically disappear.

Patlice- One piece of advice I would give to the incoming 6th graders is to not associate yourself with bad influences, and make it a good year.

Keegan- The advice I would tell to incoming 6th graders is to never be afraid to express who you really are.

Victoria- The building doesn’t but you might have new classmates, so don’t be scared.

Chelsea- Do your work and be respectful.

Tre’sure- You will be successful by asking for help, doing your work, only talking to your friends at appropriate times, and staying out of trouble.

Miss O’Hara- Be yourself, work hard, be kind, and you will have a great year.

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Ms. Pietkevich and Mr. Lemay - Grade 5

Ms. Pietkevich’s ELA & Social Studies: Students are finishing up their fantasy book clubs as the year winds down. We are learning about fantasy settings, external and internal quests and themes in fantasy. As we finish the unit, students will have the opportunity to create their own fantasy character or setting.

In Social Studies, we are exploring the events that led to the Revolutionary War! Students created “No Taxation Without Representation,” posters and are exploring the controversy of the Boston Massacre!

We have had so much fun learning, growing and exploring different topics this year! Have a fun and restful summer!

Mr. Lemay’s Science/Math:
As we wrap up our final unit, students will be creating models that show the cause of the day/night cycle, the seasons, and the varying amounts of sunlight throughout a year. Students will then put their writing skills to the test making a claim and backing it up with evidence. To close out the math year, students have learned the order of operations, coordinate grids, and we are in the process of identifying 2 Dimensional shapes based on their characteristics. It has been a great year full of learning, growing, and having tons of fun in my classes. Have a great summer!
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Things to note on the calendar:

Monday, June 20, is Juneteenth - NO SCHOOL!

Tues-Thurs, June 21-23 - DISMISSAL IS AT 11:45

Thursday, June 23, 2022 is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!

Report cards will be posted on the last day of school and mailed home the following week.

Home Access Center is where you access your child's grades. Progress notes were posted last week. If you do not know your HAC information please email Mrs. Turner ( You can see your child's grades, attendance and progress notes as well as report cards, so take note of the different tabs.

CHROMEBOOK INFO for the summer!!

Your child will be keeping their Chromebook for the summer. Parents may want to secure the chromebook and charger in a safe place. If you feel your child could benefit from using some educational, approved apps, you may allow that.

Please be aware that you should not leave chromebooks in vehicles as the heat will destroy them.

Students will bring their chromebooks to school on the first day next year, whether they attend Bennet or Illing. If you know your student is not returning to a Manchester school, please arrange with the office to return the chromebook and charger.

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Do you still have your child's instrument or library books at home?

Please remember to send in anything that belongs to the school with your student. It also might be a good idea to ask them to start cleaning out their locker so they are not doing that the last day of school.



The Bennet Bear Den

Mrs. McDonnell, Mrs. Olesnevich and Ms. Wollert help students publish a newspaper and you can see past issues here. We have some budding journalists at Bennet! Information about joining this venture will be sent out in the fall so if you have a child interested in participating keep an eye out when flyers are "sent home" electronically via the Backpack on Tuesdays!


We are going to continue highlighting the positives this school year. Throughout the year please let us know who has made you smile, or been a wonderful role model for your child, went that extra mile, or was there when you needed a shoulder. This could be a student, a teacher, support staff, or even an administrator. Remember, we rise by lifting others!

Everyone is so busy this month, trying to get in all the things we need to learn! I want to ask you all to go out of your way this weekend to say something kind to at least 3 people. Comment on their new shirt, or the way they are doing their best, or even how snazzy their new haircut looks. It not only makes that person have a brighter day, but it brightens your own day when you make someone smile. Try it and see - you may find yourself with a new habit - spreading joy!!

We want to hear from parents and staff alike - email with your shout-out!!

Nurse's Corner

Parents please talk with your children about not texting or calling home from their cell phones when they feel ill and would like to go home. If your child is not feeling well the protocol is for them to get a pass to the nurse, who will then evaluate their status and determine if a call home is warranted, or if they need a little TLC, a snack, a rest, some ice, etc. and to go back to class. It is becoming an issue with students using their phones and parents arriving unexpectedly.

Bennet School Nurses

Penny Parent & Elisha Mathews

860-647-3582 (p)

860-647-6348 (f)

Attention: Sixth Grade Parents - Don't let your child miss the first days of 7th grade!!

Requirements for your student to start Grade 7 include:

-a copy of your child's most recent physical dated January 1, 2021 or later

-Tdap booster

-MPV/meningococcal vaccine

These documents can be faxed to Nurse Michaud at 860-647-6348. Please call 860-647-8189 with questions or email

Christie Michaud BSN RN

Manchester Public Schools

District Nurse Substitute

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Take a look at our Virtual Backpack!

Each week flyers are added here so be sure to bookmark the site and check it out!


Jackie Wood- president

Brooke Barber- vice president

Howard Rovegno- treasurer

Deanna Sokola- secretary

Alison Watson- event/fundraiser chairperson

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News from the Bennet Office:

  • Picking your student up early? Please call about 10 minutes ahead and we will have your student ready. Let us know when you arrive and we will meet you at the front door with your student to check your ID. Thanks for being patient with this early dismissal procedure as we limit visitors.

  • For all technology assistance (including Chromebooks, laptops and iPads), go to the IT Helpdesk or call / text 860-682-0607, Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM.

  • Did you move? Please see the list of required documents. Contact Registrar Heidi Turner to update your information: or 860.647.8275. Remember we cannot change your child's bus information until you have provided your new proof of residency.
  • New number? Please remember to update the registrar with any changes to your phone number or email so we can reach you! We send out newsletters twice a month and emails from the principal weekly and you do not want to miss anything!
  • New email? If you are reading this on our app and not in your email it may mean we have old information. Please contact Ms. Turner with your new email address so you don't miss out!
  • Are you moving over the summer? Please contact Ms. Turner right away, even before the move, to provide the required residency paperwork. Remember, bussing changes after July may not be in place for the first week of school. Do not wait until you get your first electric bill...we can help you obtain the needed documents.


If you pick up your child utilizing the School Street to Vine Street route please be aware that you may be blocking driveways of the residents on School Street. We have had several compaints about people not being able to get in or out of their driveways as cars are sitting in line, blocking the driveways and not yeilding for a resident to pull in or out. If you are blocking a driveway and see a car trying to get in or out, please yeild to them. It is very frustrating for our neighbors to have to fight to get in and out of their property every day. We appreciate your being aware of your location and helping spread goodwill!

Please be aware as you drive through our pick up/drop off area that students are everywhere!

Please do not stop on the CVS side of Wells Street to drop off or pick up your child. It is much too dangerous to have students crossing that narrow road and causes traffic issues on both sides of the road. Also, there is no parking in the CVS parking lot for drop-off or pick-up.

Please be sure to discuss pick up and drop off plans with your student to eliminate any confusion and keep your plan consistent. Thank you.


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Is there something you would like to see in this newsletter next year?

Please feel free to reach out to Mrs. Berman ( if you have something you think the Bennet Community would like to know about or if you have pictures to share of any of our Bennet Cubs or staff doing something fun or newsworthy in our town. We can't promise it will make it into the newsletter, but we will make every effort to incorporate newsworthy items!


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