Robot Army

Welcome to the future.


In the tear 3500 there was robot called Electro125. Electro125 had detected a time machine underneath an abandoned city which was kept secret for years. As Electro125 explored the city, he found a hidden stair which led to an age old basement. when he entered blinking eyes appeared, and as he walked closer they were mutant monsters. The monsters spotted him, and came closer and closer towards him, but luckly the owner who created him installed a little laser gun. Electro125 shot the evil disguisting monsters and continued down the dark tunnel.


Finally he found the time machine. As he press three flashy buttons he was brought to the past which was 2500. As he spotted his creater but younger, he spoke to him and said "I am going to distermenate the people that I hate and all of the crimanals." Electro125 pressed a button on a remote, and in a blink of a eye, thousands of robots spawned. As he travelled to the past and the future, he and his army destroyed every single villian and the people he hated.


And every person lived happil ever after with robots roaming everywhere going haywire.