Try The Amazing FIN, TODAY!

Try know you want to...

Descrpitrion: Very Interesting!

Fin, the newest product in the prefix nation, is very small and compact, but VERY useful! It is a small button that fits PERFECTLY in your pocket. On the front, it proclaims: FIN! It comes in; Cherry Blossom Pink, Midnight Blue, Sports Car red, Fog grey, Yummy orange, Sunshine yellow, and Bouncy neon green!

What Can FIN! Do?

The Amazing FIN! can do many things! When pressed, this tiny button will immediately finish or stop anything you, or someone else is doing! You can use it for play Finales, Finishing races, Finding lost items (Green Button ONLY), and stopping mechanical motion! Its perfect for that End-Of-The-Day GRAND FINALE!

By Far The Best!

FIN! is much better than all those BEGINNING prefixes! In fact, The FIN! Button provides the better opposite function and can stop unwanted beginnings! Its almost like an EASY Button, only its stop things from happening! It Finishes and stops, instead of starts and moves on! It's perfect for unwanted situations!

A Small Example....

Finn and Sam went to go see a supposedly "Wonderful" play. IN the middle of the play, Finn and Sam decided that they thought it was boring and wanted it to end. They had no idea how to stop it quickly. Suddenly, Finn had an idea, he took out a small red button from his pocket and showed it to Sam. "It's a FIN! button!" he exclaimed, "It stops things, like plays, with grand Finales!" Sam and Finn were very excited when Finn pressed the button. A few seconds later, Finn and Sam watched as fireworks and singing went off on the stage for a 'Grand Finale'.

YOU're gonna love this!

The FIN! button is perfect for teens who need more time to finish things. Need more time for a project? How about a longer lunch time? If you're a teen, and you need extra time for projects or sleep, this perfect for you! Stop time for a few minutes to 30 minutes so you can be prepared for your day! Everyone will want it!
Side affects of usage include: permanent freezing, time malfunctions, and collapse of the knowledge of time.