Mortal Instruments : City of Bones

Author: Cassandra Clare



The point of view in the story is 3rd person with the main character Clary

If you enjoy adventure, romance, and fantasy read this book!!!!!! Then if you love it there is 4 and counting other books to read in the Mortal Instruments series. Also if your not musch of a reader there is a movie out for this book!!!!!!!!!!!

485pgs. in the book


In this book there is mystery, fantasy, love , and adventure. So if you like books like Percy Jackson or The Hunger Games you will enjoy this book.


In this action-packed book a young 16-year old girl named Clary Fray decides to go to the Pandemonium Club with her best friend Simon. When Clary decides to explore the club she sees a boy (Jace) kill a demon. Soon after this she receives a phone call from her mother telling her that she is in danger and should not come after her. Clary decides goes to her apartment to find her mother. Clary finds out that her mother was caputured by the evil shaowhunter Valentine . Clary soon discovers many secrets that have been kept from her and goes on a exciting, romantic, and dangerous journey to save her mother.

Theme to my life

I think that in my life like Clary I'm a nerd so sometimes I don't want to get out there and be social. So like Clary I'm learning to get out their and try to be involved in things. Also like Clary I'm very boy crazy except in a boy band way to be more specific One Direction. In this book I feel like the message was that even though you might be kept and nerdy doesn't mean that you aren't truly exciting and amazing.