Our Mission and Mantras

For Students and Families

To provide students and families with preventions & interventions that make learning easier. To provide parents perspective when their child/teen has learning problems.

Our Mantras!

  1. “Just Show UP and text back. You never know what great thing might happen."
  2. “Just wait for it.”
  3. Cook with your family.
  4. It always works out.
  5. Watch out for entitled kids and teens. This is just not good.
  6. We love using Apple products!
  7. Technology works if parents provide clear boundaries about it.
  8. Electronic addictions are real.
  9. Contract and expand parenting is efficient and effective.
  10. You can delay your responses to your kids.

11. Refrain from giving your power to your kids.

12. Parent not friend.

13. Respond not react unless it's about safety.

-Amy F. Weinberger, M.S.Ed.