Techonolgy Integration

Keegan Horner EDTEC350

Teacher Perspective

From the perspective of the teacher, technology integration can pose some challenges. Take a look at this video to see how teachers all over the nation are benefitting from technology integration in their classroom!
An Introduction to Technology Integration

Student Perspective

Technology in the classroom has become extremely beneficial for students because they are growing up in a culture that is surrounded by technology. The incorporation of technology in these students' academic lives can help them grow in independence and confidence.
Check out the video below to learn about how students are developing collaborative work and digital citizenship through video games!
Using Minecraft as an Educational Tool


The integration of technology can be a challenging subject when viewed through the lens of adhering to curriculum. There is a framework that has been around for a while, and is growing in popularity when referencing technology in the classroom. It's call TPACK (which stands for Technology, Pedagogy, and Content Knowledge). The framework of TPACK shows how important each element is for a technology inclusive classroom is for that classroom to be successful.
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School and Administration

School and Administration

Administrations can have a tough time adding technology to their buildings because there are many things that can (and will) go wrong. Technology can be expensive for schools to implement, and they can also be challenging to keep safe for students. The link below shows a video in which the administration can see technology in use, and have useable data to show students' growth and learning.

Family and Community

Families are a vital part of what is happening in students' lives. So what happens when not all families are apt to integrate technology into their student's education? The video and article below offer solutions.