Palm Oil Prevention

Stop ending the lives of many for your selfish needs

Join schools around Melbourne to raise awareness to what is happening to our furry friends!

Lets have a bake sale! Calling all year 10's of 2016 around Melbourne to bake or cook something. Bring it in and sell your makings. All the money will then go toward building sustainable Palm Oil plantations. There is no need to ruin the homes of the orangutans. If we help fund these plantations for Sumatra and Borneo, they can build their plantations without harming animals in the process.

Start Baking To Keep Saving!

Friday, Feb. 12th 2016 at 9am-4pm

Schools around Melbourne!


When: February the 12th 2016, all day.

Where: Schools around Melbourne wanting to participate.

What: Bake Sale.

Why: To raise money toward building proper sustainable Palm Oil plantations for Sumatra and Borneo.

Who: Anyone can participate but directly toward the year 10's of 2016.

How: Bake something, bring it to school, set up your stall and sell your products!