Junior Pilot Flash

Feb./Mar. 2016 ~ Franklin Township Middle School East

News from the Clinic

The nurse's office is need of a few donations:

*Feminine products

*Girls clothing items - all sizes

*Water bottles

Students who need a water bottle or feminine products will be charged $0.25 for each item. The money collected will be used to restock the supplies.

Clothing items borrowed from the nurse's office need to be washed before returned.

Thank you.

Kerra Waters, RN

School Counseling News

Mr. Isom Difference Maker
Student Difference Maker : Lydia Laker

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Survey Says - Favorite Star Wars Character by Chris Reichel

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BOOKS, by Danielle Kinney

Books are a key

to the soul.

They open up a whole

new realm to explore.

Even though it's 250 pages

it feels like a million more.

You're like a bullet,

you zoom through every page.

We've laughed, we've cried;

The pain we feel carries

throughout the series.

The chapters are all new journey's.

Until it's all done

so, here we begin,

Chapter 1.

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