New Student Orientation

Virtual School House 2021-2022

Welcome to the Virtual School House

We want your experience with Virtual School House to be positive and we want to see you succeed. To help you be successful, we have put together an orientation for you. Please follow the steps below to complete orientation.

You can contact Mr. Charles Maxwell with any questions about orientation, your classes, or anything else at

1. Know how to access your West Ada email account

Teachers and other school staff will communicate with you through your West Ada email account. We cannot send school-related information to your personal accounts. To access your West Ada email account, go to, click on the Parents and Students tab, and there you will find a link for Teams and Office 365.

*Note: If your email account is not yet active, do not worry. If you just transferred to VSH it can take a day or two for all your West Ada accounts to become active.

2. Watch our orientation videos

Click the links below to view our videos series. These video shorts will help you to get started in your classes. Be sure to let us know you have viewed the videos by filling out this form.

  1. How do I log in to my online classes?
  2. When do my classes meet?
  3. Where do I find my assignments?
  4. What if I miss class or want to turn in late work?
  5. How do I contact my teachers?

3. Login to Peak Online Courses

After watching the first video, you are ready to log in to This is the portal to our online courses. You will need your 10-digit Powerschool ID number (begins with 200 or 201).

Once logged in, click on the course entitled "Future Ready Orientation." The course will open in a new tab. Click on Content and begin working through this orientation course.