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September 2020

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The School Wide Enrichment Model

Sally Reis often talks about the schools being places for talent development, but what does that mean? How does that look? In this month's webinar presented by Alicia Schroeder-Schock, you will be introduced to the Schoolwide Enrichment Model, or SEM, developed by Joe Renzulli and Sally Reis.

September Webinar Host

Alicia Schroeder-Schock

Alicia Schroeder-Schock taught in an elementary classroom for five years and now is currently a GATE teacher with West Fargo Public Schools.

Webinar Highlights

The Three-Ring Conception

  • Serves as an identification method
  • Serves as a way to group students

Categories include

  • Above Average Ability
  • Creativity
  • Task Commitment

The Schoolwide Enrichment Model

The model is used as an enrichment program for gifted and talented students and as an enrichment approach for all students.
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The Schoolwide Enrichment Model Webinar Breakdown

Type I

What is it?

• Increase exposure for ALL students

o Fieldtrips – virtual or live

o Speakers

o Videos

o Interest centers

o Performance

o Enrichment cluster


Everyone participates and learns

  • Processing skills
  • Cognitive skills
  • Written, oral, visual communication skills
  • The goal is to get students to act like a practice professional


Only the talent pool students participate

Investigative activities

Artistic productions

The learner is thinking, feeling, and acting like a practicing professional

The teacher is the guide on the side

Comprehensive Strength Assessment Portfolio

• Identify talents and potential interests

• Collects information on students’ strengths

• Document preferred learning styles

• Document SEM components

o Type IIIs

o Enrichment clusters

Enrichment Clusters

Everyone participates


  • advanced-level understanding
  • authentic products
  • self-directed skills
  • cooperation skills
  • opportunities for interaction

Webinar Feedback

"The identification methods are more easily implemented and some are measure I currently have implemented. The notion of looking for students other than those who are academically gifted is important."

-Susan Clark educator at Lewis & Clark Elementary

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