Followers are called Muslims

Islam is a monotheistic religion whose god is called Allah or God. Their main prophet or common figure is Abraham. The Holy book is called the Koran or Qu'ran. They believe in the five pillars which consist of 1.Belief (Shahada), 2.Prayer (Salat), 3.Charity (Zakat), 4.Fasting (Siyam), and 5.Pilgrimage (Hajj).Their place of worship is called a Mosque, and their worship leader is called an Iman, or a Mullah. Their main sacraments are to dress in white to look like angels to show that everyone is equal, for women to cover their entire body except their eyes, and to make an annual hajj to Mecca. Mecca is the Islamic holy site which is so holy and sacred, that no non-muslims are allowed inside the city. In the very center of the city, is a Mosque called the Kaaba or Ka'bah. The Kaaba is the most important, holiest mosque of the entire Islam religion. Islam is divided into two sects, Sunni, and Shi'i. Their most important worship time is Friday at noon. One of their major holidays is Ramadan, which they believe is the day that God sent the Koran down to their prophet, Abraham. It is a day where they fast from dawn until sunset, because they believe that it makes every equal, a time when the rich have the same amount of food as the poor, in hopes that more people will follow pillar number 3, which is charity. Jerusalem is anther holy site, and muslims believe that Jerusalem is the sacred city of the prophets. Mecca is their most important holy site though.