Bouchell's Brilliant Third Graders!

Week of February 1, 2016

We had so much fun looking at fossils last Friday!

What We Are Learning:

Math: We love fractions! Fractions unit will begin this week! We will be identifying and comparing fractions.

Reading: We are focusing on finding the main idea of an informational text this week, along with applying skills to reader's workshop. Reading Midterm will be on Thursday!

Writing: We will begin our next narrative piece this week, as well as practicing a narrative task for the GA Milestones.

Word Study: -tion words and "graph" and "gram" meaning "write or draw"

Science: Heat Unit starts this week! We have learned that we don't "get cold", we "lose heat"!

Family and Friends Luncheon

Our Family and Friends Luncheon is Wednesday, February 10th from 11:30 to 12:00.

Important Dates:

February 4- Reading Midterm

February 9- Dogwood Pizza Night

February 10- Family and Friends Luncheon

Big image

Can anyone remember what the fossil above is called? (Hint: Mr. Schumm brought one in on Friday!!)