Weekly Geekly

September 24, 2018

eSchool Weirdness Continues

Yep- still happening. Trouble saving? Try Internet Explorer. Go check your emails from me to see more advice.

NEW ISSUE- Some folks are reporting an error message when entering grades- it says that "Marks, Comments and Absences can not be updated through Teacher Access Center at this time. Please contact your administrator for more information"

SOLUTION- Check the Marking Period. We are seeing lots of gradebooks that have switched to MP2 and you cannot enter grades ytet for MP2. Switch back to MP1 and you should be fine.

Chromebooks/PC Laptops and POWER

Best practice is to turn the power off on the Chromebook and PC carts before plugging and unplugging them. If you don't do this, they tend to spark. That being said, you need to power them back on when you return them so they get charged for the next person. If you get a cart and it isn't charging or there is no power, check the power buttons on the outside of the cart to see if they are on. The Chromebook button should be switched to on and the PC cart should be switched to Internal Power. If you forget which one is which, switching to Internal Power will make all the Power cords light up but switching to External power will not :)

Another source for Images

I posted in an earlier Geekly about Pixabay as a resource for students who need images for digital projects. Another great option is Unsplash (https://unsplash.com/) Downloading images is free, and when you download it a popup will appear that tells you exactly how you can credit the image. The horse pictured here said I could credit by copying and pasting this: Photo by Nikki Jeffrey on Unsplash


EdPuzzle is a free tool that works through Google Classroom. It allows you to use videos from YouTube, Khan Academy and from other sources, and augment them for your classes. You can record narration over the whole video, you can record voice notes, stop the video and have students answer questions along the way. You can even stop students from skipping ahead in the video, and monitor their progress in watching the video and answering the questions! It's a super fun tool to use if you want to be sure kids are watching the videos you assign or if you think a video needs a little added explanation. I just put an assignment in Google Classroom for you so you can try it out. If you aren't in my Google Classroom yet, please join! The code is xv9dwhk

October 5 Heads Up

I am going to be roaming around and dropping into PLC meetings on October 5 (and beyond). The best time for me to sit in meetings with you is when you are planning, so I can tell where you are in your year and what kinds of things you have coming up that I can help you with. If there is a good time in particular for me to stop by, please let me know!

Live Streaming from Hangouts

First- this applies to teacher accounts only as Hangouts are not enabled for students.

There is now a live streaming option in Google Hangouts. For those of you who have been looking for a solution to having meetings with folks from other campuses online, this could be a good option for you!

You can read more about live streaming here https://gsuiteupdates.googleblog.com/2018/09/live-stream-hangouts-meet-meetings.html

Do you love Podcasts?

Kasey Bell has a great list of podcasts for educators that she sent out this week. If you are a lover of podcasts you should definitely check it out! Find the list at https://shakeuplearning.com/blog/16-fantastic-podcasts-for-teachers/

Keyboard Abuse

We have been hearing that kids are switching keys around on keyboards. Can you hear me rolling my eyes from here? Just remember to really actively monitor kids on equipment. This has happened on Chromebooks, PC laptops and on PC labs. (It's a LOT harder to fix on laptops)

Sound through Projector- a Helpful Hint from Victoria

If you are trying to listen to music through your classroom speakers but without the projector on (so you can save bulb life), simply hit the AV mute button twice REALLY fast. It won't work unless you do it really fast

In Case you missed the REALLY cool Google Doodle this week- the top video os from the Doodle and the bottom one is the Behind the Scenes look.