Growing a Teaching Garden

With Classroom Instruction That Works! #1213

Join us for an interactive session designed to maximize learning #1213

Learn from the elementary educators highlighted in ASCD/McREL's new video series. This session will focus on the driving force of Classroom Instruction That Works, 2nd Edition, to achieve a world-class school centered on a rigorous, data-rich, 21st century learning environment. Participants will learn how the nine research-based strategies are essential in improving student performance and sustaining growth within an urban setting. Participants will leave with the necessary tools and strategies for their learning garden to grow. #1213

ASCD 2013 National Conference

Saturday, March 16th 2013 at 1-2:30pm

2233 South Doctor Martin Luther King Junior Drive

Chicago, IL


Hear about the RM Bacon Elementary story

Learn how to help teachers ....

- Create a learning environment

- Develop understanding

- Extend and apply knowledge

Learn how administrators...

- Process data

- Systemically integrate professional learning

- Create action plans

Dr. Spike Cook

Elementary School Principal in Millville, NJ. Dr. Cook has worked collaboratively with teachers and students to integrate technology, and create a positive digital footprint within the school, and district. Dr. Cook has been in the educational community for 13 years as a teacher, counselor, director, vice principal, and principal. He has presented at Texas ASCD, Edscape, EdWeb.Net, ASCD 13, and NAESP Annual Conference 2013. Recently, Dr. Cook was featured by Education Week February 6, 2013.