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May Team Newsletter

MAY the Force be with you this month!

Ok, I love this time of year. I love the cooler Spring temps before the hot Texas heat invades my outdoor life, I love the fun fashion trends and most of all I LOVE when our Summer line launches! I know most of you have caught some sneak peeks floating around social media-so, were you like me and practically passed out from the gorgeousness that is Almalfi Coast? WOW! Not only do we THE most beautiful collection to date we are also expanding our products (can you say LIFESTYLE brand now) to include phone covers, sunglasses, beach towels, sunhat and another convertible watch! I for one am super pumped that we are expanding to truly be a one stop shop for our clients. Get registered for Tuesday night's National Sales Call by clicking on this link. Launch calls are NOT TO BE MISSED! Check out the graphic at the end of newsletter for BIG news in regards to the launch call.

So let's talk GOALS. As we grow as a team, our goals grow as well. And the last couple of months have made me so incredibly proud because I've seen our averages get to where I wanted them to be! Our team goals will be higher during launch months and holiday months and this is because I KNOW my Magnolias work extra hard those months. So for May, our active Merchandiser goal is 70 (this means 70 of you with at least one sale) and our Sales goal is $33,250. We hit just over $29K last month so I have no doubt we can hit May's goal since we have our full Summer Collection, Almafi Coast, launching. The best way to hit our goal is for you to POP UP! Our pop up shop goal is 106 and is totally doable. With 70 of you being active and a good portion of you popping up min. of once and hopefully twice, we will be at goal! Summer launch is a time to remember your "why" and to earn money to pay off college loans, car payment, vacation or to treat yourself to that pair of shoes you've been drooling over. And remember, I am ALWAYS here to help guide you and share my experiences to help further your own C and I business.

We are Less than $10K from being among the elite # of half of million dollar teams!

How to contact me

I have a timeshare for my Magnolias to schedule a one on one call. If you want to re launch your business, brainstorm your goals, or anything Candi related, please feel free to book a quick call with me. I love to chat with my girls!

While the DMM is away, the Magnolias will slay!

So, since I will be attending our first ever National Summit I thought it would be fun to challenge my team to Soar their business while I am gone! Starting on Tuesday, May 10 (launch day) through May 17th, when you book a pop up (use SOAR in pop up name) and it hits $400 in sales you will win the above branded coffee mug! Have 2 pop ups hit $400 win two mugs! This is a mock up of what the mug will look like :) As a team we should have 100 pop ups on the books by May 10th so make sure you are booking a Almafi Coast Launch Pop Up Shop! When your pop ups hit $400, text me #mugdown and post it on our team page as well, either on Facebook or in the Merch Perch. Cheers!!
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