Alyssa Bell

Element Basics:

Element Name: Alyssa Bell

Atomic Mass: 3.00

Symbol: Qt

Discoverers: James and Julie Bell

Occurrence: Highly concentrated deposits located in the Taekwondo dojo, low concentrations in the mall

Physical Properties:

Surface Properties: Brown Eyes, Brown Hair, Size 2 Gauges, 3 Cartilage Piercings

Boils When: People have attitude, there is any kind of disrespect

Melts If: Shown kitten, Given food

Can Cause Pain If: Provoked, Insulted

Sad When: Not at Taekwondo

Happy When: Practicing Taekwondo

Becomes Stubborn When: Challenged in any way

Chemical Properties:

Is Repelled By: Negativity, Emotions In General

Is Attracted To: Martial Arts, Expanding Mind

Requires Copious Amounts Of: Food, Knowledge

May Explode Spontaneously When: Argued with, Criticized (In a way that does not help improve)

Will Repel: Attention seekers, Brats, Annoying people in general

Is Impervious To: Begging, Lies