The Truth is Revealed

Griffin Fieseler

Abolitionist Propaganda and it's Impact on the Continuation of American Democracy

The American values and beliefs in abolition was expressed through propaganda. It influenced numerous aspects of life such as, public opinion, generating rebellions, and peoples' impacts on abolition. Abolition had an impact on the continuation of American democracy through propaganda supporting the concept that the majority rules, as it gains followers and staunch. It also continues the concept of freedom of speech, because abolitionists were free to whatever they wanted to show to the public to express their emotions on slavery. That is how the propaganda that abolitionists used impacted the continuation of American democracy.

What the Abolitionists used as Propaganda

Multiple pieces of information were used as propaganda during the Abolitionist Movement. Some of these were:

  • the line in the Declaration of Independence saying "all men are created equal"
  • a depiction of a slave ship called The Brookes (shown above) that showed hundreds of slaves packed tightly together
  • First-hand accounts from former slaves about their cruel and brutal treatment

This propaganda that expressed slaves' harsh life was so soul-crushing that numerous citizens aware of it were convinced to join the Abolitionists in their fight.

How did Propaganda Affect the Outcome of the Abolitionist Movement

Without Propaganda, the Abolitionist Movement would have never succeeded. It pushed the movement forward by:

  • spreading their message to the public
  • convincing citizens to join their fight
  • strengthening abolitionist's passion towards ending slavery
Propaganda allowed the abolitionists to get their message out to the people on why slavery was so cruel and unnecessary. Without their use of it, the few who believed in it would have been denied. It was a key part of the foundation of slaves' battle for freedom, and was sturdy and convincing enough to have the abolitionists succeed.