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Bussiness as a subject

The businss A-level is either single or double award, it is marked on pass merit distinction criteria. A pass mark is equivelant to a E grade, a merit is equivelant to a C grade and distinction is equivelant to an A grade.

Course Content

In single award you will be doing two compulsary units which are the business enviroment and business resources, there are then four optional units which could include business communication, introduction to marketing as these are the four units that double award do as compulsary units.

In single award there are four optional units and in double award there is eight optional units. Theses can be chosen through the route you wish to take, these are: accounting, marketing, human resource, management, law, adminatration, retail and genral business units.


The business A-level is all coursework, meaning there is no exams in the two years of doing the business award. There are a range of different tasks ranging from pass to distinction, these tasks grades together give an overall unit grade. The unit grades are then used to find your over all A-level grade.

For a distinction in single award you could get four distinctions and two passes, or two distinction and four merits. For double award distinction there are alot of combinations the main ones people try to achieve are eight distinctions and four passes, or four distinctions and eight merits.

Progression Routes

A business A-level you could help you secure a business place at university and in the long run help you get a job within a business or even start your own business. Having business on your cv shows you have gained lots of knowledge on how businesses are run and you have skills like building websites or caring for staff in a business, this will look good and put you ahead of others.


Local bussiness people come into school and talk about there businesses, and how business studies at sixthform has helped them in their field at work. There are lots of exciting extras in A-level business and is lots of fun.