Reproductive Health

Ben Buchinger

Pap Smear

A pap smear is a test that is used to see if anything is wrong with a woman's cervix. They are used to identify any infections, or problems with the cervix that can lead to cancer if not treated. They are used for women only. Once a woman turns 21, they should start getting pap smears regularly.


Mammograms are an X-Ray picture of the breast that are used to check for breast cancer. They are used to find things like lumps, or any other sign of breast cancer. Women are the primary target for mammograms because they are the most prone to breast cancer. Women should get their first mammogram around the age of 40, and get them regularly after the age of 40.

Prostate Exams

Prostate exams screen for prostate cancer. Men are the people who should be getting these exams, but it doesn't hurt for women to get them too. Me should be getting screened between the ages of 40 and 70. Men should be screened regularly, women don't need to.

Testicular Exams

Testicular exams are for men. They are needed to see if one's testicles do not have any unusual bumps or lumps that can be the first sign of testicular cancer. Men should start examining their testicles around the age of 15. They should do this monthly.