Do Something

A Box of Balloons Heart to Heart

A Note from Nicole...

Sometimes things grip my heart, a lump creeps into my throat and my eyes burn with tears. One of my greatest life struggles is letting enough be enough. I desire to do more, give more, love more and sacrfice more. Many days I wonder if anything we are doing at Box of Balloons is making a real difference.

But today I was reminded that we just need to DO SOMETHING. Filling birthday boxes for children in need will not save the world, will not cure cancer, will not provide all humans with clean water and will not be the solution to the world's problems.

But we are DOING SOMETHING, we are giving hope to the hopeless, we are put smiles on sad faces, we are loving others simply because everyone should be celebrated at least one day each year. Maybe one of these kids will grow up to be a politician who implements change for the good, maybe one of these kids will become a doctor who saves lives, maybe one of these kids will travel the world feeding the hungry.

AND maybe they will remember the year their birthday was happy; the birthday filled with decorations, balloons, friends, cupcakes and laughter; the box that showed up with no strings attached from complete strangers.

AND just maybe they will pass it on, they will pay it forward and love others.

Friends I Invite You

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We have reached an exciting point for Box of Balloons. Our organization has grown fast and furious with many more opportunities ahead but we need more people to be actively involved. We need more people willing to DO SOMETHING.

Maybe you can share our website on your Facebook page, maybe you can invite friends or neighbors to our Bingo Night, maybe you can commit to helping fill one box per month or two or three, maybe you can sponsor an entire box this holiday season, maybe you can donate financially, maybe you have a business or law background and can help us move forward but whatever you do DO SOMETHING.

Every time you click the link and help fill a box IT MATTERS.

Every time you donate financially IT MATTERS.

Every time you share our passion with others IT MATTERS.

Whether you are a Christian or not this song by Matthew West is powerful. I would guess most of us at one time or another have cried out "someone do something". We watch the news and see tragedy, we scroll through social media and see sadness, we have love ones affected by pain but we can all DO SOMETHING. And with Box of Balloons we can all DO SOMETHING good, positive and incredibly HAPPY!

Matthew West - Do Something