Dolphin Adaptations

The most playful animals in the sea!

Hunting Techniques

  • Dolphins are very fast swimmers, with sleek bodies and thin fins.
  • When a pod of dolphins spots a school of fish they swim towards it at 35 mph!
  • They work in groups, pushing the fish upwards to the surface of the water.
  • When the fish are jumping out of the water for dear life, the dolphins swoop up and eat the yummy snacks!

Adaptation Facts

  1. Dolphins use 20% of their brains, more than us humans!
  2. They use echolocation to hunt.
  3. Dolphins hunt in pods of a dozen or more to increase their kill rate.
  4. To attract mates, they jump up into the air gleefully and do somersaults under water.
  5. Young calves swim by their mothers to stay safe for the first years of their lives.

Dolphin Photos