U.S. Times

World War II

Reaction to the Bombing of Pearl Harbor

By: John Naughton

In reaction to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the president, Franklin Roosevelt declared war with the Axis. in result the U.S. is going to drop a newly designed atom bomb on a major city in japan Hiroshima


Hitler starts treating all Jewish people terrible

By: Emma Tenhover

Hitler starts killing/ torturing all Jewish people and people who tried to help the Jewish. They call this massacre the holocaust. Now the city of Vienna is completely different. No one is safe. Children's parents get taken away, houses get raided, and children are shipped off to different countries. In Vienna guards are all over the place capturing and torturing men, women and children in front of their families. Jews are put in cages, forced to clean the pavement with their bare hands, and put into camps.

D-Day Invasion

By: Ryan Kett

June 6th,1994 Dwight D Eisenhower attacked the beaches of Normandy. Hitler didn’t know where the allies were coming so they went to Normandy. The Allied forces captured all Axis beach bases at Normandy. During D-day the allies used inflatable replicas of the military vehicles on tracks to look like they were there on watch.


By: Josh Zettelmeier

On August 6, 1945

There was a bombing devastating thousands of people last night. Damage everywhere people say that they don`t know if they will ever be able to recover from this. I talked to Aito Hirayama. " I was so scared for my family who lived closer to where the bomb exploded then I was." He exclaimed.