Leo Le

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Who am I?

I am a very shy person at first, but when I get to know you I can be very weird yet funny. Although I don't talk a lot at times, actions speak louder than word. I like playing sports for fun. Although I don't play seriously, it is always fun and great exercise. Also, I am very academically successful. To many people I can be very awkward and weird, but if you get past that many people say I am a fun person to be around.

My timeline

Going to high school

Starting high school was a huge change for me. This is because I was starting to get used to middle school and how it worked. But when high school came around, everything was different. The school was bigger, the people were bigger, and everything was just different. Although I felt out of place, I had friends that made everything feel normal again. The tough times got less tough, and life was great again.

My favourite things

My Influences

A major influence in my life is my family. They are very supportive in my decisions. Such as wanting to play basketball in a league a few years ago. My mom knew that I really wanted to play, and she agreed to drive and pay for the league. Also, my parents always try to help me on the right path to living a good life. Without my parents, i wouldn't be who I am today. My parents raised me to be respectful and kind to all. Without my parents, I would be completely different. For example, my parents always told me to always say thank you to everyone that helps you out. By teaching me that, I've become a very thankful person.

My leadership style

Of the five leadership styles, i feel like i am a persuader. Persuaders are people that encourage people to participate and cares about everyone's opinions. I believe this because i always ask for everyone's opinion and try to give people jobs that they are good at. Also, I natural take charge and have the last say in a situation. For example, I had to do a group project for geography.We had to pick a country to hold the Olympics in. My group chose Mexico. We all had different skills. I was good at doing repetitive and tedious tasks, someone was good at researching, and another person was good at arts and crafts. I decided I would create a 3D model of our stadium using a program. I told the others to do what they were good at. So One of them researched most of the information needed and one designed the board that we used. We all did jobs that suited us, leading us to a ninety percent on the assignment. Therefore, I feel like my leadership style is a persuader.
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My Role model : J Cole

My role model is J Cole. His real name is Jermaine Lamarr Cole. He was born on January 28th 1985 on a military base. He is my role model because he grew up without a father yet he if fine today. Also, he is one of many few rappers to graduate from college.He majored in communications and minored in business. He also graduated with a 3.8 GPA in 2007. This is a very good score because GPA is out of 4 and he almost got 4. J Cole started rapping at the age of 12, but got serious about it when he was 15 and got a ASR-X. He knew he would make it in the rap business, but he knew he had to graduate from college so his mom would be proud of him. in my life, I want to make my parents proud as well. J Cole made sure he made it through college even if it meant he would get discovered later that he wanted, just to make his mom proud of him. Also, J Cole is very faithful for where he grew up. He grew up in a very ethnically diverse place. Every chance he gets, he gives back to his origins and always talks about his roots so that he never forgets when he grew up. "This is my canvas, imma paint it how i want it." This is a very inspirational quote in J Cole's song Apparently. To me this quote means, no one can tell you how to live your life, only you can tell yourself how you will live it. Therefore J Cole is not just an inspiration, but a role model to many.

Test Results

  • My Blueprint Learning style - Visual Auditory Learner
  • My Blueprint Personality - Extroverted, Intuiting, Thinking, Perceiving
  • My Blueprint Interests - The Professional
  • My Blueprint Knowledge -Computers, Technical & Trades, Languages
  • My Blueprint Motivations - Working Conditions
  • My Blueprint Compatibility -
  • Top Three Occupations Matches - Marketing Manager, Accountant, Air Traffic Controller
  • True Colours Handout - Gold and Orange
  • Right Brain or Left Brain Similar minds test - 58% Left Brain, 46% Right Brain
  • Holland Code Career Test - Persuasive, Creative


I believe the most helpful test was the top three occupations matches. From doing the test, I got marketing manager, accountant and air traffic controller. This was the most helpful because it showed me that I am well suited for these jobs. If I didn’t do the test, I would’ve wanted to be something else that would not have been as compatibly with me as what is got. I feel like the test was accurate because I was already leaning towards marketing manager and accountant. Both of those occupations are a good match for me and are achievable careers for me. From doing the test, I learnt that I am very versatile and can do many jobs. For example, I didn’t know I am well suited to be an air traffic controller until I did the test. Now I know that if I do decide to be an air traffic controller, I am well suited for the job. In conclusion, I feel like the top three occupation matches was the more accurate and helpful test in helping me decide what I want to do.

I think that the true colours test was the least helpful. From the test, I got orange and gold. Orange means adventurous, fun, and playful. Without doing the test, I already knew that I was these things. Also, I was gold which means responsible, organized and loyal. Without the test I already knew these traits about myself. By doing the test, I didn’t benefit much from it and it only told me things I already knew about me. Doing the test only told me that I was spilt orange and gold. In conclusion, the true colours test was the least helpful test of them all.

I believe that that my four top strengths are that I am vocal, organized, creative and efficient. All of these work together to help me complete tasks and do my best. When working in a group, I love talking and getting ideas flowing through everyone’s minds. It is important to be vocal because you can have your voice heard. For example, if you aren’t vocal you can have the best ideas in the world but no one will know about it. All because you didn’t speak up. Therefore, I think being vocal is one of my greatest strengths. Also, I am very organized with my work. To many it looks like a pile of junk, but it goes by a system I like to use. This is apparent if you look at my computer tabs. I usually multitask and do two projects at once. So I have a different browser for each project, which allows me to know which project I am opening to do. Furthermore, I am also very creative. I don’t like to think the way others think when faced with a project. For example, I don’t like following exactly what instructions say. I always want my work to be the purple elephant of the project. Which means the one that stands out the most of all the assignments. This helps me because I can make my projects more memorable and help me stand out. In the real world, this can help me get a job because my interview would be memorable. Finally, I am very efficient with my work. Even if you had all the other traits above, you need to be efficient to use them effectively. An example would be if you had all the tools you needed cook a meal. But if you don’t know how to use the tools then you will never be able to cook that meal. This relates to me too. During this Me project, I was half way done the project before people even started. This is because I do my work efficiently. In conclusion, being vocal, organized, creative and efficient help me get through both my day and my work.

Nobody is perfect, everybody has to have weaknesses. Mine are that I am unmotivated, easily distracted, lazy and indecisive. Firstly, it’s hard for me to get work done unless is super important because I can’t find a good reason to do my work. For example, I can’t just work on something unless the due date it coming up. This really holds me back because I can’t get things done early. Secondly, I am very easily distracted my everything. Such as my phone, videogames, sounds and even the time. So I often have to work in my basement because there isn’t much down there to be distracted by. This weakness is very bad because I can’t go into my basement and do work when I have a job. I would have to be in the building working. Also, I am very lazy when it comes to working. Whenever I have work to do, I try to find reasons not to do it. Like I’m too tired, or I have to do something else I should do. This is very bad because I can’t just put off work when I have a job in the future. Finally, I can d be very indecisive. At times, I don’t know what to do or what to choose. For example, its hard to decide on what I want to eat. It such a problem that I always end up not eating. This is extremely bad for specific jobs like being an entrepreneur. They need to make decisions all the time that will affect them a lot. If I can’t make these decisions, I won’t be able to do certain things. In conclusion, everyone has flaws and most are fixable. If I can fix being unmotivated, easily distracted, lazy and indecisive, I can move forward in life without a hassle.