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August 14, 2020

Great Job This Week

Huge kudos to all of you for taking this massive lift of virtual instruction and getting it up and running. The past few weeks have been some of the most overwhelming of my career. They have also some of the most rewarding. We are doing something at a rate that has always been thought of as impossible. But it is possible. We are doing it. Sure, it isn't perfect all the time and yes technology is a great thing---when it works, but over all this has been an incredible first week and each one of you have had a hand in our successes this week.

Our team of IAs have done incredible work to copy, organize, and support teachers. Your work is so appreciated. I also want to thank our Behavior team for their work this week. Kristen, Marsha, and Henry have supported the food bus this week and reached out to connect with families. They have worked to get in touch with families to ensure that computers and school work were connected with students. Henry, in addition to the other behaviorists in the district, have worked to create a soon to be published support document for families to address challenging behaviors at home, how to set up routines and schedules, and ideas for rewarding positive home behavior. I think it will be very beneficial to our families. Truly everyone in our building have worked to make our current situation successful for all of our lions.

Each of you are doing incredible things each day. Things that you never thought you'd be doing as an educator. Sure you knew you'd be teaching or supporting teachers and student but you never knew you'd be doing it over a computer, or in a building with no children in it. You've had days I'm sure of success and pride in your accomplishments. You've also had days end in tears and frustration. Good days, bad days, or even mediocre days, you are doing great things. I found this Ted Talk (below) that I think is worth the watch. While the speakers life experiences are not anyone's in our building, his lessons learned from life are ones that I think we can apply and use in these very strange times we find ourselves in. Enjoy.

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Safety Reminders

Remember, even though we feel comfortable with our Lincoln family we still need to be vigilant to prevent the spread of Corona-19. If you are able to meet virtually, do so. Wash your hands frequently, use social distancing, and wear a mask...even with people you feel are "safe". Don't ride in cars with anyone outside your "family group" --like your team mates . Lincoln teachers love our work family....but we need to arrive in separate cars to where ever we go. This is a hard shift compared to how we usually operate, but we show our Lincoln family we care by wearing a mask, standing at least 6 feet apart, finding ways to connect virtually, and make smart choices. Please refer to the attached document below for KCS expectations while you are at work.

SWOT Review of our first week

Several of you have chimed in on the SWOT slides to help us continue to do better with this virtual adventure and moving forward with this school year--what ever this brings. Please take a second to contribute to the Lincoln SWOT slides.

Welcome to Lincoln

Welcome to Kansas Winningham. She will be a new IA in Ms. Fletcher's class starting on Monday. We are excited to have her here to support our lions.

Lincoln Lions Are

Respectful, Responsible, Trustworthy, and Safe

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