Bullying survey results

Briley Hays

Q1: Have you been bullied at all during the time you've attended middle school? How often?

A.) Yes, frequently. - 3 people

B.) Yes, a few times. - 14 people

C.) Hardly. - 8 people

D.) No, never - 10 people

Q2: If you've ever been bullied, did you tell an adult?

A.) I told an adult. - 1 person

B.) I kept it to myself. - 24 people

C.) I have never experienced bullying. - 10 people

Q3: If you saw another student getting bullied, which of the following would you do?

A.) Tell an adult. - 10 people

B.) Confront the bully. - 17 people

C.) Ignore it and walk away. - 8 people

Q4: Do you think bullying happens more online or face to face?

A.) Face to face. - 3 people

B.) Online. - 21 people

C.) They're about the same. - 11 people

Q5: Do you think bullying is a big issue in the school you attend?

A.) Yes. - 10 people

B.) Worse face to face. - 6 people

C.) Worse online than at school. - 12 people

D.) No not at all. - 6 people

Q6: Do you think bullying is handled well in your school?

A.) Yes. - 3 people

B.) They try, but I don't think it's very effective. - 14 people

C.) I don't know. - 11 people

D.) Not at all. - 6 people

Q7: In what way would you support a bullying support group for bullied children in your school?

A.) Yes, I would attend regularly. - 8 people

B.) Yes, I would attend occasionally. - 12 people

C.) I would refer a few friends to it, but I would not attend myself. - 11 people

D.) I would not support it at all. - 4 people

Conclusion: Findings from the survey

Before I began this survey, I had seriously doubted that any students would take this seriously. Basically, I felt that my survey's topic was far too mature for most of the 8th graders that attend Irma Marsh. It sounds harsh, but it's the truth. After reviewing the results, I found that some people actually took the survey seriously. That's great news because not only does it mean that some of the kids here are maturing, but they're beginning to take important matters seriously. As you can tell, I was ecstatic. I'm getting a bit off topic though, so let me get to the point. Although only 35 people have taken my survey, I still got the results I was looking for. I hope to take these results and show my findings to the principal in hopes of getting this whole bullying support group dream of mine made into a reality.