No One Is Different

We are all equal


Nowadays people take things differently just because of there race. I feel like it should not like this just because of there skin. Many pf the reason why many things get bi and stand out is because of the race of the people.


This really affect the people who are in a place where your race a huge thing on what you do or did. People can really small things but there race might play a huge factor in what they are doing or did. We really need to not focus on the race but the real problem.


I feel there should be a memorial for the issue so we can really point out the fact that we really cant just focus on the race and put a big deal on problem just because of there race. This we help with equalizing people and our whole society in a whole.


I would put this memorial in missori becuase that is where the imfamous micheal brown shooting was. The reason why it is there becuase that case was really big because of the peoples race in the case.


My goal in this memorial is to make the world all equal and no ome will ever care about there race no matter what is he/she is doing or did. No one should be treated any different just becuase of the skin color but how the