Sports in the 1930's

Research Project by Maya Koproski

Popular Sports in the 1930's

One of the most popular sports in the 1930's was boxing. The holder of the heavyweight champion's belt was arguably the most famous athlete in the world in the '30s.Championship fights were so big then that 70,000 people packed Yankee Stadium for the 1938 rematch between Louis and Schmeling. Another popular sport was baseball. This was the time with Babe Ruth.

Signifgant Athletes

Joe Louis - was not only the best heavyweight boxer of this decade but possibly of all-time. Louis was the heavyweight champ from 1937 to 1949 when he retired.

Wilbur Shaw - was the second driver to win three Indy 500's and the first to win it back to back in 1939 and 1940.

Mildred "Babe" Didrickson - was not just one the best athletes of the 1930's but one the greatest of all-time. She won 6 out 8 of the track events she did.

Important Awards Recieved

Bobby Jones (a golfer) won the James E. Sullivan trophy. Glenn Cunningham, Lawson Little, and Don Budge were the other winners of the decade.

Gallant Fox (horsed), ridden by jockey Earl Sande, wins the Kentucky Derby.

In 1933 Helen Moody was the women's tennis champion.

Babe Didrickson won her third gold medal in the 1932 games in High Jump.