Ecuadorian Chocolate seduces China

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Luis Aguirre Valverde

Luis is an Economist graduated from the Central University of Ecuador in Quito. Among his solid professional formation, his knowledge in international business stands out. He also has relevant experience in the financial industry. His most important aim is becoming a professional trader working in the Chinese market. At the moment he is living in Tianjin, China where he attends a MBA with mention in global emerging markets.

Fine Aroma Cocoa

This is the principal ingredient of the organic chocolate; it is considered a special type of cacao. Only 1% of the global production is classified as fine aroma cocoa. Due to its flavour and aroma, it is considered the finest cocoa. Fruity and flowery aromas and flavour with nutty malt notes. This is the characteristic flavour of Cacao Fino de Aroma that distinguishes it from other cocoas in the world.[1]

Among the big Cacao producers is Ecuador; this country is considered one of the greatest of the Fino de Aroma. Due to its geographic location by being situated in the privileged middle of the world this country has the most optimal conditions to grow the “Gold seed”.


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Organic Chocolate

As Ecuador has the best cocoa, it is more likely to produce the best chocolate. Therefore, producers started working on it in order to make this dream come true. At the moment, this Andean country has empowered its presence on the international market. Some trends are selling their products in the United States and Europe. Trends such as Pacari and Kallari have won some international rewards for elaborating an exquisite organic chocolate.

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China as a potential market

The economic growth pace in the Asian Giant has been extraordinary since the government decided to open the economy to the world. Since this event, China has had rates over two digits on average what places it as the second economy; and expecting this quantity reach 400 million in 2020.

While it is true that the Chinese chocolate consumption is far away from the Europe, the size of the market makes it very attractive for every single company to enter this market. The other good news is that chocolate sales in China have doubled over the past decade.[1]

[1] China’s growing taste for chocolate is making it more expensive for everyone

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In this context, the opportunity for the Ecuadorian chocolate is outstanding as the demand is moving forward. Especially for organic chocolate that takes advantage of its insuperable quality.

Strategy for China

This complex market brings exceptional opportunities. However, it is not convenient to underestimate the “Great Dragon” because one may end up burnt very fast. It is crucial to choose the correct strategy to introduce a product in China. This is a 5000 year old culture who values certain aspects incomprehensible for the Western World. Thus, to avoid our products being inconspicuous we should focus on those details. With a correct strategy, it is likely the Ecuadorian chocolate can capture this demanding market.



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