An Interview With Mrs.Hilberg

By: Kaya Church

Introducing the Amazing Mrs. Hilberg

Mrs. Hilberg graduated from University of Texas at Austin with an amazing bachelors degree in science composite education. She has been teaching for an amazing 30 years now, but has only taught in the Birdville school district at for two years.

The two classes taught by Mrs. Hilberg are Pre-AP Biology and AP Biology. She teaches Pre-AP for four periods and AP Biology for only two periods. Instead of an actual classroom she holds all her classes in a portable outside.

The Silly Science Teachers Super Strategies

~ In her classroom class starts as soon as bell rings and her door is closed.

~ As the class starts she gives the students important announcement, like when there will be a test and what it will be on, when all of their homework is due, or what the learning goal is for that week is.

~ She prepares warm-ups for her class to see what they remember what they had learned from the day before.

~ Her class is always kept moving NO DISTRACTIONS! Things may occasionally get off track based on a question a student asks about what they are learning.

~ Before the students start working she thoroughly gives directions to the students on how to complete the assignment, answers a few questions, and then leaves the students to do their work.

~ If the students are working in groups or pairs she quietly sets things up in the back of the class for her next period.

~ Before she answers a students question she has them look through their notes, ask people in their group, and if they are still confused she goes to answer their question.

Careful Classroom Management Techiniques

~ The first thing she makes sure to do is take roll.

~ Has the needed supplies out on the tables for her class so that the students are up and around looking for it.

~ Has the students work quietly with their table partners.

~ Walks around the classroom clearing up confusion and making sure everyone is staying on task.

Ecstatic Classroom Environment

~ The tables are set up in seven rows of three, and each table holds two students

~ She has things labeled around the classroom. For example where the pencil sharpener is she has a paper hanging on the cabinet above it that says pencil sharpener.

~ The drawers in the back have numbers 1-7 on them for the seven different tables, and in those drawers are the supplies for that table like colored pencils, white boards, and rulers.

~ When working on lectures not much talk goes on except for Mrs. Hilberg explaining.

~ The students keep the conversation within their own groups.

~ She has a class rabbit named Thumper who roams around the room freely throughout class.

Fantastic Fun Facts about Mrs. Hilberg

~Mrs. Hilberg teaches Pre-ap biology and AP biology.

~ She works 10-14 hours a day during the school week and 4-6 hours a day on the weekends.

~ For her the biggest reward in teaching is hearing her students say that her class is their favorite one.

~ For Mrs. Hilberg the biggest challenge for her is not wanting to grade EVERY little thing the students do.

~ When asked on a scale of 1-10 how much motivation it takes to be a teacher, with ten being the highest, she said it takes her a full ten. There is a lot of time and dedication put into being a teacher.