Road to Revolution

By: Emma Syftestad

John Adams Quote

“[L]iberty must at all hazards be supported. We have a right to it, derived from our Maker. But if we had not, our fathers have earned and bought it for us, at the expense of their ease, their estates, their pleasure, and their blood.”
John Adams


John Adams helped raise money for the Revolutionary war. King George made unfair rules and raised taxes. King George influenced the Sugar Act. In the Boston Tea Party 45 tons of tea got dumped in the Boston Harbor. The Boston Massacre started as a small argument but it became something bigger and The Daughters of LIberty helped fight against british taxes.

John Adams

John Adams was a smart man. He thought that the British laws were unfair so he helped with ending the Revolutionary war by going to Europe to raise money for it to end. He was important to the Revolutionary war because if he wouldnt of went to europe to raise money more people would of died.

King George iii

King George was born in June 4, 1738. King George was the king of great Britain but he wasn't a very good king. He made rules that people didn't like and he raised the taxes. He was significant because no one liked his rules and that he raised taxes so everyone tried to fight against them and it caused many events like the sugar act.
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Sugar Act

The Sugar act started April 5th 1764. The Sugar Act reduced the rate of taxes (taxes went up). For example, molasses, coffee and certain wines went from sixpence to three pence per gallon. King George came up with the taxes rules. So King George caused this act.The king didn't tell the colonist that they were raising the taxes and they were not very happy to hear that they would be spending more money because the king is greedy.

Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea started on December 13th 1773. On that day Indians that were british dumped 45 tons of tea overboard from three ships in Boston Harbor. They did that because the british didn't want to pay for taxes. Many people thought of it as an act of Terrorism.

Boston Massacre

The boston Massacre started March 5th, 1770. At first this fight started as a small argument but eventually people started to get mad to they started fighting. Later officers killed five people after telling everyone to stop. The colonist only did this to show that the british rules are bad. The higher taxes and british rules were a big influence on the war because no one wanted them and when they started to protest everyone got in fights.

Daughters of Liberty

The Daughters of Liberty were a successful group of women who before the war were thought of as slaves to their husbands but after colonist because they were their own people. The Daughters of Liberty were established before the Sons of Liberty. They were considered group examples of "cooperation" because they worked to fight against British rules and taxes. The Daughters of Liberty were important to the war because the daughters of liberty made there own stuff and sold it to colonist and sold it for a good price without taxes so that they could boycott the British. This left a big impact on the British because the colonist wouldn't buy anything from stores they would by it form the Daughters of Liberty so that they didn't have to pay for taxes and then the British would lose money so they would stop the rules and taxes. They were very helpful because they also helped end the sugar act in 1766.


In the end all of these people, groups and events either helped or didn't help with the revolutionary war. John Adams and the Daughters of Liberty helped stop the revolutionary war by raising money or fighting back by not buying things from the king that, raised the taxes and mad bad rules that caused the sugar act Or the Boston massacre that killed five people. Also the Indians that dumped 45 tons of tea also known as The Boston Tea Party. All of these events and people have played a big event in history.

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