The Power Of Solar Energy

Can we get you interested? solar power: hero or villan?

pros of solar energy

. doesn't give of pollution

. quiet

. has the ability to harness electricity in remote location that are not linked to a nation grid

. solar panels can be installed on houses which takes away the problem of finding space for it

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cons of solar energy

. costs a lot of money

. around half of the day solar panels do not produce energy

. the weather can effect the efficiency of solar cells

. pollution can effect solar cells efficiency

. solar panels cant produce energy during a cloudy day

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solar energy uses

Solar power has many uses such as heating your homes, water, and pools. Solar energy is great for cooking, and lighting indoor/outdoor places. One of the best things about solar energy is that solar power can power your ventilation system. You might think that solar panels are expensive, but they save you money in the long run.
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.Solar panels may be expensive but they will eventually save you money

. 15-30 cents per kilowatt hour

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Fun Facts

. renewable
. has many uses

. the electric company will pay you

. solar energy powers wireless internet services- []

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