COPD Lung Disease

By: Tim H.

What exactly is COPD?

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a serious lung disease that usually causes breathing to get worse over time. COPD is not contagious.

How many people have COPD?

Since 2012 over 15 million adults over the age of 45 have COPD.

The number in 1995 was 6.4 million. So as you can tell from this data the number has highly increased.

These are just some of pictures of this monsterous disease.

How do you get COPD and how does it affect you?

If you have COPD your daily life is very hard, since COPD clogs your lung with Tar and gunk and makes your heart have to beat harder and faster than it should. If you have COPD one of the causes is the inflammation of your air passage ways. Another would be the main cause of lung diseases, which is smoking.

How does smoking effect COPD?

Smoking can make COPD even worse by adding more strain on your heart, making it harder to breath.

Is there a cure to COPD?

There is no cure for COPD, but there are ways to slow the disease's progress along with lifestyle changes like quitting smoking and healthy eating and exercise can help you to stay active and feel better.

What famous people have COPD?

Here are just a few of Celebrities with COPD; Dean martin, Loni Anderson, Christy Turlington, Johnny Carson, and many more.