LV Technology


Typing Web

-It helps you type better because it trains your brain to know where your keys are!

-If you get a job for typing it will help you in that job!

-Helps you in life because if you want to send an E-mail it will help you type faster and better!

Career Locker

-Helps you in life because it tells you what job would be good for you!

-It helps you find the job and career you would want to do.

-Shows what requirements you need for the job like for a firefighter you need to take special classes!

Hour Of Code

-It's a thinking game so it helps you because it works your brain to make you smarter!

-Its a stratigie game so it also makes your brain smarter and work hard!

-So it is a game to just make you smarter and it is fun to make your brain work!


- Made by apple products!

- Itrailer is an introduction to a movie.

- You can do it about what ever you want such as your lifestyle!

Haiku Deck

- Presents your interests such as your dream job!

- You can add back round pictures so that makes it fun!

- Its fun because you can write as much information as you want and you can add back round pictures and little pictures!

Explain Everything

- You can make voice recordings to go along with your project so that is fun!

- Can draw while talking so the people know what you are talking about so you can circle a picture and then with the voice recording you can explain what the picture is!

- Its fun and easy to use the app and it makes you explain everything easier!

E-Mail Etiquette

- It makes you look hard and think what is wrong with this e-mail!

- Helps you be a better e-mail writer because if you find the mistakes you know not to write those mistakes on an e-mail!

- Looking at other peoples e-mails and finding out whats wrong with them and then you fix the e-mail!