Social Media, Young People, Health and Wellbeing: Risks and Opportunities

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Twitter Chat

This chat will present new evidence from research funded by the Wellcome Trust on the risk-related impacts of social media on young people's health and wellbeing, drawn from over 1000 UK adolescents. This Twitter chat is relevant to teachers, parents/guardians, health professionals/practitioners and wellbeing services.

Twitter Chat

Thursday, April 27th, 7pm

This is an online event.

Twitter with @OpenCPDPESS


1. What are the risk-related impacts of social media on young people’s health and wellbeing?

2. What does it mean for young people to be digitally literate?

3. How do peers and/or parents influence healthy lifestyle behaviours?

4. Do schools have a responsibility to educate young people about digital health?

5. How can we best harness social media to promote young people’s health and wellbeing?


By contributing to this Twitter chat, you are consenting to your comments being used for

research. In other words, the comments made will be analysed and may be presented in a

seminar, workshop and in academic journals and conferences.

Since the comments are already in the public domain, we aim to use your names, although we ask you to not identify your school/organisation, colleagues or young people you work with. If you would not like to have your name identified, you can tweet or private message Adam Llevo (@MrAdamPE) or email him AML643@student.bham.ac.uk .

Alternatively, if you make a post and then decide that you would not like to be

involved in the project you can contact Adam Llevo and he will remove this from the

analysis. If you contact Adam Llevo after May 1 st 2017 your responses will still be used in

the reporting of the findings. If you would like to engage in the discussion but your post or

name not to be used for research, then please also contact Adam Llevo via Twitter or email.

If you have any concerns about the project, you can speak to Dr Mark Griffiths who is

independent contact from the research team and would be happy to help with your queries.

Mark’s contact address is: m.griffiths@bham.ac.uk

Please Read Below And Complete To Take Part

Watch Below If You Have Never Been Part Of A Twitter Chat

Twitter Chat OPENCPD

Adam Llevo

I am a previous head of department in PE and currently studying my masters. I look forward to hosting this Twitter chat.

Hannah Wood

I work with young people in schools finding out how they use social media and technology. I look forward to sharing insights with you.

Dr Victoria Goodyear

I'm a previous teacher, now lecturer, and I work with teachers and youth in schools. Hope you're ready for an interactive, engaging and fun time.

Prof Kathleen Armour

I am an academic, teacher and researcher and I am passionate about CPD. I look forward to sharing ideas and learning alongside you.

Dr Ash Casey

I teach teachers to be PE teachers and am fascinated by pedagogical development (mine and other peoples). I look forward to learning together.

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