Tiger Press

San Marcos Elementary

Weeks of September 9th and 16th

Important Dates

9/9 Wheel Day Practice



9/6 CELDT Testing begins

9/10 Stephanie at PC

9/10 2:30 K-1 CELDT Training

9/11 Staff Meeting in MPR 2:30

9/11 ELAC 5:30 pm

9/12 Eligibility Review at SME

9/12 2:30 3-5 CELDT Training

9/13 Flag Salute 3-5 & Picture Day

9/17 Superintendent Visit

Yoga 3:15

9/18 - Stephanie to PC

2nd Fetzer Training

PLC Meetings 2:30

Leadership Meeting 3:30

9/19 -3rd Fetzer Training

9/20 -1st Fetzer Training

8:30 Family Friday

Tiger Tid-Bits

  • Quote of the Week-
  • "Love and nurture your students, everything else is just details." Kevin Honeycutt
  • A CELDT tester who is a retired teacher commented to Mr. Baquero that in all her years teaching and visiting other schools, she continues to be impressed with our school in all aspects. She is amazed at how respectful the students are, how professional our teachers are and how the feeling tone here is always pleasant.
  • Thank you to all who helped make the first few wheel practices go so smoothly! I appreciate the work you did to frontload the students on being respectful and quiet in the hallways.
  • A student called me over at recess this past week and said, "Mrs. Wallace, I love
  • brilkdinsdi" or at least that is what I heard. I asked her to repeat herself and she said again, "Mrs. Wallace, I LOVE branching!" Tadah! She was super excited to share that she just loves math now and loves to branch numbers. YEAH for the new strategies.

  • A parent, who had just received our Program Improvement letter, shared with us how much she loves our school and no matter the label, she knows how hard the teachers work, how the instruction at this school is better that she had seen at her previous school and that this is a very special school. She understands that just because we did not reach the target that was set for schools, her child will make great progress this year. It was so AWESOME to hear this from a parent!


  • The FIRST announcement I have is to PLEASE ask you to be on time picking up your students from recess and lunch. We have been noticing that many of you are not walking outside until after your bell rings. When you are not out there at the line when the bell rings, you students get used to this and do not line up on time. It has been problematic for the supervisors to get students in line on time. THANK YOU for helping with this.
  • Starting Sept. 20th the CSUSM Men's and Women's Soccer Team will start some volunteering at our school to teach our students the basics of soccer. They will be on campus during 2nd-5th grade recesses. They are very excited to start working with our students. Their plan is to set up pop up goals on the grass. They are so excited to work with our kids that they are finding donations of soccer balls and other equipment to bring with them. Please share with your students this exciting new project.
  • Fresh fruits and veggies will be served starting Sept. 16th.


Quick Teacher Tips

Simplifying Text Complexity

New Apps, Tweets, Tech Uses

Education: EDUC115N How to Learn Math -Jo Boaler online course - end Sept. 27th. I recommend this to anyone who wants to learn more about math. She is easy to watch and it is easy to understand. Many district have had their teachers take this free course and have raved about how it has changed their teaching.


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