Energy Drinks

By: Britney Young

Good or Bad?

All ages love to get a boost of energy for their day, but is it actually good for your health? The answer is no. Energy drinks have been linked to heart and neurologist problems, poor mental health, and it is getting overly drank by teens. These expensive, addicting drinks are being encouraged to drink, but in reality they affect your body in bad ways.

Popular Energy Drinks!

How It Affects Our Body

Energy drinks are extremely high in caffeine and can lead to major affects. Energy drinks can have 50 to 200 milligrams per serving. Children, teens, and young adults with diabetes, seizures, heart problems, or mood and feeling disorder are prone to have more serious side affects. Taurine and guarana are caffeine ingredients that cause water loss from the body, so it is super important to stay hydrated if you drink energy drinks.

Addicted To Energy Drinks?

Some ways to tell if you are addicted is, he/she has an energy drink to get your day started, if people do not have their normal daily energy drink they become grumpy and not fun to be around, it is common to get headaches if he/she does not have an energy drink on a daily consumption, people become less concentrated and productive in what they do, they feel tired, and drink little to no water.


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