TM International, LLC

Stay Protected Every Time from the Dangerous Accidents in Your Workplace

The TM International offers perfect solutions that can help you stay safe in the times of hazardous events. If you are working in a risky profession like power plants, mines, weapon testing etc. and deal with the risk of losing your life every time you start working, then you should take a look at our services for working freely with full protection from any type of blast. By using our blast shields or our blast mats, you can stay protected from catastrophic events, blasts and pressure. We offer prestigious soltuions to protect the people that are indulged in risky professions and dangerous areas.

T.M. International started in 2001 and has been providing you the best blasting mats from over 100 years. The most prior aim of our company is to offer beneficial products to the people that can ensure the safety and keep them immune from catastrophic events. Our blast shields and mats can save you from blasting of rock as well offer you top notch bomb blast protection. Our blast shield’s breathable unique design reduces pressure by more than 50% and stops flying debris and fragmentations from causing additional damage.

We are determined to save the precious lives of our clients by providing them the best product in the market. All of our explosion protection systems are best in the market and are available within reasonable prices. All of our products are tested for worst situations befored being sell to the clients.You can log on to our web site, for more information regarding our services.