No Promises In The Wind

downfall and pride

Title of book

The title of my book is called No Promises In The Wind. Josh and his father both have problems with their pride. They both have different ways to forget abut the bad things though. Josh forgets about his sorrow by making music with Howie. The dad doesn't really get rid of it but he yells at his family to forget it.

Conflict & Outcome

This book's conflict is Man vs. Society. This relates to the theme because no matter what is thrown at them they continue to believe in themselves and it gets better. An example of this is in the story when Josh tries to get a job and he believes that he can do it and he can. Another example is when they believe that they can live without Howie. They are also constantly believing in each other that they will live. They learn along the way that they're forming their own family again.

Character's remarks(words) and/ or actions

"I know you were. Like Dad, i guess, the night he turned on you." This relates to the theme because Josh realizes he is just like his dad. He also realizes that his dad had a reason to yell at him because he was about to leave. Another example is when Josh likes Emily and she shuts him out and tells him that she wouldn't like him. This embarrassed him because she does in front of everyone.

Contrasts(differences) between characters

The dad and Lonnie are different because Lonnie was nice to Josh. This relates to the theme because if the dad would have been nice to Josh he wouldn't have left. Josh also wouldn't have lost his pride with his family. Josh lost his pride because his dad was mean to him and his family. He also wouldn't have gotten a job and fell in love.