VCR Presentation 7

Alex Brookins

Fill In the Blank

Andrew Jackson quickly rose as a political __________, winning the popular vote of the people and soon becoming an idolized president for two terms.

And the word is...


Part of speech - noun

1. An electric generator

2. An extremely forceful, energetic, or hardworking person.

Alternative forms:

The electric generator term is short for "dynamoelectric machine"


Roots: Greek, dunamis, meaning "poower"

In the late 19th century: abbreviation of dynamo-electric machine, from Greek dunamis, ‘power.’

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Synonyms and Antonyms



hard-working person






lazy person


Ways to Remember Dynamo

"Dynamo" and "Dynamic" have the same root, and you can remember that dynamos, or achievement-oriented people, must be dynamic, and adapt to their environment.


Which one of the following sentences uses the words incorrectly?

a) The teacher stopped the dynamo in the hallway and jokingly asked him to stop winning so many awards.

b) Chris sat by the dynamo and listened to the whir and spin of its fuses and gears as it churned out watt after watt for the flood lights.

c) "You'll go places in life, kid, be a dynamo if I ever did see one" the mentor reassured his ardent, high-achieving student.

d) She hoped to grow up to be a dynamo, as one of the richest people in the nation whose wealth was gained by marrying rich.