Friday Faculty Focus

News and Notes about #BeBCMS

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Week Three!


We are doing GREAT work on all teams! We have been seeing amazing scaffolding and lesson designs that are really going to impact our scholars! The energy level is high and I am proud of the great work that is happening in our classrooms! The key is to sustain it! How can we do that? Make sure you are taking time for yourself to rest and recharge! We can not be our BEST if our tanks are on empty! PLEASE be on 10 from 7:30-3:30, but make sure you are taking time outside of the school day to do things YOU love to do!

The focus in next few weeks is definitely on that lesson plan design and those lesson experiences. The challenge and charge is to make them EXPERIENCES! YOU set the tone with every scholar, every day! Make it count!


MR. Scott for rocking and rolling with discipline!

MR. Wright for rocking and rolling with athletics!

THESE two are my right and left hand and they are EVERYWHERE! THANK you!

Ms. Stevens and Ms. Simmons for ExExExCellence in data teams!

Ms. Heape for subbing for Coach Butler this week!

Ms. Jersey for getting the coffee shop up and running!

Ms. Swindell for getting awesome staff tee shirts handled!

Ms. Ennis for getting Read 180 worked out!

You guys are doing great on Twitter! Find your PLN!

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Kona Ice - Friday!

Kona Ice is today!

Beginning at 1:45 we will begin calling scholars for Kona Ice.

This year BCMS General Fund is earning the money from Kona Ice in order to provide awesome incentives for staff all year long!

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#BeBCMS Elite PBIS update!

The PBIS School Store will open it's doors next week!

The store will be open Tuesday 6th grade, Wednesday 7th grade, Thursday 8th grade. Please use your passes and send just two scholars at a time. Mr, Dinkins will be managing the store during WIN time out of his classroom. We will have additional supports in there as well. We will try it out like this and make changes based on week one!

Student of the Month nominations are due to Mr. Scott by Wednesday August 30th. WHO is your classroom Student of the Month? Who is demonstrating daily our PBIS motto and expectations? We can't wait to honor these fine scholars!
Announcements and Certificates will be on Friday September 1st. We need to hype this up! I will ask Ms. Dana to make us posters for each classroom and we will take pictures during WIN time on Friday Sept 1st.

Educator's Handbook is pretty clean. Mr. Scott has done a great job keeping on top of referrals and handling discipline. If you have questions or concerns regarding a referral or the process, please come see us!

RTI News and Notes

Ms. Sines will continue to meet with teams on Tuesday to discuss Tier ONE, TWO, and THREE interventions. Remember, Tier ONE is what we do every single day: ELITE teaching. We will also begin to look at RTI for behavior. We appreciate your work during their Tuesday meetings and we know that our efforts will pay off in success for our scholars!

Important Events!

Monday- #CelebrateMonday, ALL staff Quick TREAT 7:35 AM Parent Resource Room, Mentor Mondays 7:45- see email from KAT, TKES pre-conf meetings during planning, PTO mixer: 5:00 PM

Tuesday- #TerrificTuesday, Leadership 7:35 Parent Resource Room, TKES pre-conf meetings during planning

Wednesday- #WinWednesday, Innovation Center- Classrooms as assigned, Football away at Metter

Thursday-#ThankfulThursday, Softball Away 4:30

Friday- #FocusFriday, Scholars of the Month revealed!

Focus on..... Gaining attention to increase ENGAGEMENT

Building Attention Skills:

Have you asked your class to "pay attention"

When our scholars pay attention: we know academic achievement increases. Yet, when we say "pay attention, the phrase is misleading. There are two types of attention and the difference between them are important.

Hardwire and Reflexive- our brains automatically orient to safety, novelty, and risk/reward situations

Learned and Earned- complex, requires the brain to disengage from what it was doing, engage in new focus, suppress other stimuli and sustain focus. THIS takes lots of practice.

Students who have been raised in poverty (yours truly) have weaker attention spans. BUT it is a skill that can be taught and modeled. Don't give up! Increase buy in, use predictions, pause and chunk what you are doing, and use physical activity. ALL of these things will keep you build the Learned and Earned attention span our scholars need for long term academic and LIFE success!

*resources from Eric Jensen, Engaging Students with Poverty

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Nuggets and News

  • The Innovation Center: Please have your Compliance Training DONE by August 21st! The class list for The Innovation Center has started. This is ELITE PL focused on ENGAGEMENT! Classes begin this Wednesday at 7:35 in the classroom designated! The Link is above!
  • Supervision: PLEASE make sure you are at your supervision spots on time. If you need to switch, please just let us know! Being at busses in the shade is NOT enough. You must be engaged with scholars: ALL eyes on them!
  • Lesson Plans: Make sure data is driving your planning and have your lesson plans uploaded in the Team Drive Folders nad on your clipboards available. AB, KW, and I will begin looking at those as we begin TKES classroom walk thrus.
  • Meetings Schedules: Monday: TEAM, Tuesday: RTI, Wednesday: Math ,Thursday: ELA , Friday: Science and Social Studies
  • Educator's Handbook-You should have the email by now. Check your Quarantine if you don't have it.
  • Sunshine Club: We would like to have 100% participation in our BCMS Sunshine Club! Dues this year will be $20.00 and you will get one free "anytime" jeans pass. This is the only we have as a school house to show people we care about them when they go through hardships. We are a family! Please consider this donation.
  • Please make sure you have signed off on your TKES orientation and you have completed your TKES Self Assessment! If you have not been able to get into TKES yet, please email me!
  • MONDAY and TUESDAY I will be meeting with each of you for 10 minutes for your Pre Conference in the TKES platform.
  • Morning Times: If you have scholars you want to work with in the morning, please write them a pass. It's an AWESOME idea to work with scholars
  • We will have a SPECIAL all staff meeting Monday at 7:40 in the Parent Resource Room...ELITE announcement, don't miss it!
  • September JEANS passes- on sale for $10.00! In September JEANS pass money will be used to start a STAFF WOO WOO SNACK CART!
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What I'm Reading....


I am working my way through the book EMPOWER. In it, the focus is truly on student EMPOWERMENT. When I think about the continuum in a schoolhouse, I go from compliance to engagement to EMPOWERMENT. How can we create engaging lesson experiences that then empower our scholars? It sounds so awesome!
Think about this:
"To develop the leaders of tomorrow, we need to develop them as leaders today....empowering students teaches them to have their own voice and follow their own direction, but if they are going to be successful, they will need to truly have the discipline to make it happen! Empowerment and Hard Work are NOT mutually exclusive; in fact, both elements are needed to make a true difference in our world."

I love this book! I am thinking of ways I can go from engaging to empowering in all my actions with our scholars and our staff! I challenge you to do the same!


This week on Twitter....

Jeff Kubiak @jeffreykubiak

Make Mistakes. Own Them. Learn. Grow. #JoyfulLeaders #LeadLAP

Dave Burgess @burgessdave

Ever had a kid say they couldn't remember 5 things...but you know they know the lyrics to 500 songs. Yeah, music is that powerful! #LeadLAP

Roman Nowark @NowakRo

Be a breath of fresh air. You never know when it is needed. #BeKindEDU #KidsDeserveIt

liz raeburn @missliz31

Culture has nothing to do with a bus-- getting on one--- the right seat on one. #DontBuildAnAverageCulture #DoTheWork

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WIN Period

WIN is a critical time in our school day! This period needs to be intentionally planned and taught with our scholars. Ms. Opper and Ms. George have pushed out the curriculum for you. The schedule is as follows:

  • Monday- Set goals, review personal data and school data, grade check
  • Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday- SEL time (Kindness lessons)
  • Friday- Clubs or READING time

Please check the google drive for the lessons. Eventually, you will be in the position based on your formative assessments to plan awesome acceleration or review lessons for Reading, Math, Soc. St., and Science with our scholars. Teams can work through that and let Ms.Raeburn, Mr. Scott, and Mr. Wright know!

Remember: Relationships first, Relationships ALWAYS!