Boston: Let's Stop and Think

In response to the Massacre


Fellow colonists, I cannot begin to express my sorrows for the events that have transpired here so unfortunately. It is a tragedy. But I advise you, or furthermore, give you warning that, before you pick up your arms, you should think twice.


An event like this has spawned a whisper that wanders among us-- that says revolt. Before we heed this, we must consider the outcome of a revolt. No doubt, it will result in more death, the very thing that we find so unjust, but also when we run out of guns, we will be forced to cede to the enemy and give away our freedom. They are trained soldiers. It will be Hell in America.

what then?

But to continue, if we emerge victorious, and free ourselves of the oppressive shackles of the motherland, one question stands to leave us in ruin--what now? With absolute freedom comes absolute responsibility, and if we are left to ourselves, would we not fall into anarchy? What infrastructure do we have to rely on, one so independent from England?

a warning

I give you warning, for we are standing before a monstrous unknown. It beckons us with a tune of freedom, and however appealing it may be, we should not be so hasty to answer it. The dangers of doing so greatly outweigh the minimal possibility that we thrive.