Yin Yoga Introduction

By Chrissie Tan

Cultivating Mindfulness & Inner Peace

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Find natural relief from today’s hectic lifestyle through Yin Yoga’s calming poses and deep relaxation techniques. In the practice, floor postures are held passively for long, while softening the muscles, to lengthen and revitalise the deep layers of our tissues. This helps to maintain the natural flexibility of our joints and restore the harmony and balance of our body. At the same time, the mind becomes quiet and tranquil through mindful breathing.

Starting 7th Jan 2015 - Every Wednesday

Register: 98159789 OR yinnerbalanceyoga@hotmail.com

Time: 6.30pm - 7.30pm

Fees: $125 - 10 lessons

Venue: Level 10, NCIS - Minimum 12 students to start